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Herbal Detox Honey with numerous ingredients for Women dealing with intestinal ailments, digestive concerns, fibroid, infertility, pathogens, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, poor skin appearance, viruses and more. 

Contains botanicals herbs minerals gemstones and marine life.

 Women choosing to detox, should use this honey along with her pearls soap and salve.

 Consider adding this honey to our organ detox tea. 

Herbal Honey detoxes the organs of the body.  Detox your organs liver lungs spleen kidney and bladder. You will pass your bowels with this honey. Use  Honey in Drinks,  Hot water with Lemon,  Food, and Fruit, Great for Cooking.

Pour in Hot Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, or Matcha


there is no sugar in this honey. It will not be sweet