How many cleanses should I order?

We suggest starting with 12  Real Yoni Pearls and journaling the progress then ordering more as needed. You can always schedule a consultation and load your photos for review before your next order. We do not give recommended dosages for healing specific ailments. Every womb is different and because of that, we believe that it would be misleading for us to give an exact number. Please remember our pearls are also intended for you to get closer to your womb area. If it’s your first time using Real Yoni Pearls, use a sing pearl each cleanse to see which Pearl type works best for you.  


Why can I not use them if I am breastfeeding, pregnant or have a hymen intact?

You cannot use them if breastfeeding because these pearls are inserted into your vagina, one of, if not the most absorbent place in your body. The herbs in these pearls may circulate throughout your body, including your breast milk. We do not want young babies ingesting the milk with herbs in them, although they are all-natural, the developing organs may not be able to fully process them and we wouldn’t want anything happening to your little one. If you have your hymen intact due to the strong nature of the herbs inside of our product they have the ability to break the thin tissue that is your hymen. If this does not matter to you then proceed with using, but if it matters then don't use the product. If you are pregnant you can not use our product as we do not know how the herbs will affect your growing child and we would not want your baby harmed in any manner.


Can using this change my PH Balance?

Yes, there is a possibility that using pearls over time will make your vagina sensitive to douching and sex. Using the Yeast pearl can aid with Yeast Infections. Women also benefit from using the Yoni Soaps and Washes that mimic the Yoni Pearls.


I think I have a yeast infection?

If you develop a yeast infection after use of the product then it's possible that your PH Balance was disrupted during the process and resulted in one. It's also highly likely that this is your first time detoxing and don’t know what to expect, and what looks like Yeast is really your vagina discharging. Make sure you use your ion pads, salve, and soap during this time to complete your detox. If this is really a yeast infection, you may use a yeast pearl. This does not mean that the product did not aid in your detox.


I have an IUD can I use them?

If you have an IUD we give a warning with our product. Due to the strong nature of our product's herbs, there is a chance that your IUD could come out during the purging process. Prior to using the Pearl, feel for your IUD cord. Deep Cleanses, Royal Flushes, or 7 Day cleanses are not recommended.  IUD’s have been known to dislodge and get lost in the uterus causing major damage to the womb and often times requiring surgery or hysterectomy. Please speak with your doctor about the dangers of an IUD or consider getting it removed as PCOS is a know side effect to IUD or Birth Control usage.  Past customers have used with an IUD and have not made any concern about the pearls, women have also gotten the IUD Removed.


What do some people experience during their purging phase of the detox?

Some women, specifically those with fibroids, endo, and cysts, feel mild cramping. This is occurring during the toxin sloughing process and lasts only once for no more than 15 minutes. Yoni Steaming or Using a Heating Pad is recommended and available for purchase thru the site.

Some women experience itchiness, most are mild, few extreme, herpes/HPV/hidradenitis outbreaks,  due to all the toxins being drawn to the front of the vaginal opening which is a very sensitive area. We recommend the Skin Detox Kit or Mucous Pads, Numbing Pads, Sweet P Soap, Boil Balm and Powder – all available on the website.


During the detox, a coating of dead cells will cover your vagina and range in color. Do not pick at it, please allow the detox process to end and the coating will shed naturally.


Can I use this on my menstrual cycle?

No, you can not use this on your
menstrual cycle. Use 3 days or more after your cycle has ended, or 10
days or more before the cycle begins.

It's best to get an ovulation tracker to manage your cycles, make adjustments as necessary, and should your cycle start while detoxing, allow the blood flow to push your pearls out. Once the cycle ends, begin detoxing with a new yoni pearl


When can I have sex again and or can I have sex while cleansing?

Do not have sexual intercourse during this process, you may resume intercourse once your detox has completed and there is no residual waste on your vagina. Also, if you are not in a committed relationship or you are detoxing for BV, Herpes, HPV, HEP C, please educate your partner and practice safe sex. Please check your vagina with a mirror to be sure you are not purging anymore.


Can I use more than 1 Real Yoni Pearl at a time?

Yes. However, if you are new to detoxing with Real Yoni Pearls, please use 1 at a time, see how each pearl type works for you, then proceed to deep cleanses or royal flushes. Real Yoni Pearls are Proven to work and you must allow your body to adjust to the herbs.


If I am trying to conceive when should I use them?

If trying to conceive please use our TTC Yoni Pearls along with any pearls that may have attributed to your infertility i.e.: fibroids, fetal trauma, std..

And detox for at least 3 months prior to family planning.


How often can I cleanse?

You can detox every week. Only you really know your body, you may cleanse 2x a month when first trying it out and change that to 1x every 3 months, or every 6 months. If you are detoxing for fibroids and you release them, you can stop that type of pearl detox.

Every month after your cycle is a perfect time to cleanse your womb and vagina of residual. The Yeast and Alkaline Pearl is great for that.


How many cleanses should I do for a specific ailment?

Although we don’t give an amount to CURE you, based on 12 years of working with women, we’ve seen significant results based on a certain amount of detoxes. The dosage chart is on the website and the amounts are based on whether you have trauma for years at a time. We do not give a number of cleanses for specific ailments as that is misleading.


My pearl still looks the same after removal is that normal?

You didn’t keep your pearl in long enough or have it at your cervix. Its very rare that you would use a RealYoniPearl and your pearl comes out clean or hard. When used properly, a RealYoniPearl comes out soft and covered with dead tissue.


How soon can I do my second cleanse?

Ideally the next week but if your cycle starts you can wait till afterward. Also, if you experience any form of discharge, do not wait a month or longer in between cleanses, detox weekly.


Can I use this if I have had a hysterectomy?

Yes, you can. If you had a partial ( you have your cervix, place the pearl there, if you have ovaries, be sure to get PCOS pearls) you can still detox, but without a cervix, you must remove the pearl after 72 hours and you must douche after 7 days. Douche Bottles are available thru realyonipearls.com


Is the mesh on the pearl supposed to stay on?

Yes, it is, but if you plan to swallow the Pearl, remove it from the mesh and crush it in a spoon prior to swallowing it.


How soon after giving birth, miscarriage, or abortion can I use this?

After your 6 week postpartum, you can use a fetal trauma tightening pearl. If you had a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, please consider the TTC pearl for future family planning.


Is frequent urination or passing bowels normal?

Yes, some women may experience this cleansing effect. Some of the herbs are anti-inflammatory, and some are stimulants. The herbs will relax your intestines and your bladder releasing fluid and waste.  If you experience diarrhea, stop using the pearl until diarrhea clears up.


I've noticed my skin clearing up after using this, why so?

When inserted into the vagina the herbs are absorbed into the WHOLE body, not just the vaginal/ womb area, allowing it to be beneficial to your whole body, such as seeing clearer skin. PCOS is a major facial Breakout, and using the PCOS Pearl helps clear the face of bumps and hair.


Can I use the Goddess Steam and Real Yoni Pearls at the same time?

Of course, if you don’t have loose botanicals for your steam pot, you can insert a yoni pearl, reaching your cervix, and steam a few times that week. It's way more beneficial and speeds up the detoxing process. View the SteamPot details at SchoolOfWombHealing.org


I was wondering how to keep the pearl string from irritating the vaginal hole?

It's best to cut the string after inserting the pearl, that way it doesn’t become tangled with your hair. We also prefer that You wax your vagina and use the Salve as a daily moisturizer.


Can I urinate while using the Pearl?

Of course! The pearl does not interfere with your everyday life, you can shower, bath go to the gym too.