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Here are five different ways patchouli benefits your skin:

Anti-inflammation–Patchouli has the ability to soothe inflammation and irritation, particularly if they were onset by fevers. Inflammation from conditions such as gout, vascular atherosclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis can be suppressed through applying patchouli.

Antiseptic– Use of patchouli on wounds and ulcers, aids in suppressing the risk of serious infections. Without proper healing, even small wounds can become septic and lead to more serious infections. Patchouli reduces this risk.

Cell Regeneration– Patochouli acts on cells in numerous ways to promote healthy cells and healthy skin. In red blood cells it promotes productivity, which leads to increases energy. With increased circulation, overall metabolism increases oxygenation to organs and cells, which increases functionality and healing.

Fungicide– Patchouli has been used to inhibit fungal growth and infections. An antifungal study on twelve fungi, resulted in patchouli inhibiting all of them. Pathchouli has shown promise in inhibiting athlete’s foot, ringworm, and jock itch.

Wound Healing– In addition to its antiseptic properties, patchouli also aids with the healing of cuts and wounds. It also diminishes scars left by wounds and restores skin back to it’s natural healthy state.

2. Patchouli Helps Anxiety and Depression – Patchouli has a strong, earthy, woody scent and is associated with strengthening the root chakra. The root chakra deals with personal boundaries and issues regarding safety, such as the fight or flight response. Patchouli’s heavy, musty aroma helps to ground a person back into their physical body by clarifying one’s thoughts and helping one to see things more objectively. As an herb of protection, it helps maintain healthy boundaries and offers relief from stress-related problems and anxiety by calming the nerves.

3. Patchouli for Prosperity – Considered an aphrodisiac, patchouli is also linked with balancing the sacral chakra, which governs the lower abdomen region and the sexual organs. Energetically, this chakra involves the realm of our feelings and emotions, how we relate to others, and also, how we relate to the world. It is also linked to our relationship to finances and is often used to attract wealth and prosperity.

4. Patchouli for Healthy Digestion, Weight Loss, And Lungs – In traditional medicinal practices, patchouli is known as a warming, drying herb. It works with the digestive system, particularly the intestinal tract, to treat nausea and diarrhea. It has been successful in reducing fluid retention and credited with suppressing appetite, both being a potential source of weight loss. As a warming herb it helps with circulation and can be used on varicose veins. Its decongestant and drying qualities can be beneficial when used in cases of colds with an excess phlegm or mucus