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How often can I use these products to support my well-being?
You can incorporate our wellness products into your routine regularly. However, the frequency depends on your body and needs. You might start with twice a month when trying them initially and adjust it to once every 3 or 6 months. After your monthly cycle is an ideal time to use the Yeast and Alkaline Pearl for residual well-being.

How many rounds of products should I use to address a specific concern?
While we don't claim that our products can cure specific ailments, we provide a dosage chart on our website that can guide you. It's based on the duration of challenges you've experienced.

I've noticed that my product looks the same after use, is that normal
No, in this case, the product may not have been left in long enough or positioned at your cervix. Proper use results in a soft product covered with the targeted matter.

How soon can I use these products again?
Ideally, you can use them again the following week. However, if your cycle starts, it's advisable to wait until afterward.

Can I use these products if I've had a hysterectomy?
If you've had a partial hysterectomy (you still have your cervix), place the product there. If you have ovaries, be sure to use PCOS-supportive products. Without a cervix, remove the product after 72 hours and follow up with the recommended cleansing process. Douche bottles are available on our website.

Is the mesh on the product supposed to stay on?
Yes, it should. However, if you plan to consume the product, remove it from the mesh and prepare it as suggested before ingestion.

How soon after giving birth, miscarriage, or abortion can I use these products?
After your 6-week postpartum period, you can use a fetal trauma-supporting product. For miscarriages or ectopic pregnancies, consider the TTC product for future family planning.

Is frequent urination or bowel movements normal?
Yes, some individuals may experience this cleansing effect. The herbs in our products have various properties, including anti-inflammatory and stimulant effects. They may relax your intestines and bladder, releasing fluid and waste. If you experience diarrhea, discontinue product use until it clears up.

My skin has improved after using these products, why?
When inserted into the body, the herbs are absorbed systemically, which can benefit your skin.
Can I use the Yoni Steam and products at the same time?
Certainly, it's more beneficial and speeds up the supportive process.

How can I prevent the product string from causing discomfort at the vaginal opening?
It's best to trim the string after inserting the product to prevent tangling. Additionally, consider grooming practices and using our salve as a daily moisturizer.

Can I urinate while using the product?
Yes, you can. The product won't interfere with your everyday activities, including showering, bathing, and going to the gym.

I'm having difficulty reaching my cervix.
Consider getting a pearl applicator and educate yourself through tutorials on locating your cervix. Some individuals have their partners assist in placing the products.

How many more rounds of products do I need before retesting or for continued support?
Our herbal suppositories are intended to support your overall well-being. We do not claim that they are medical treatments. Therefore, continue with your supportive regimen and consult your healthcare provider for any testing or medical concerns. You may notice improvements in your overall well-being with consistent support.

**How many rounds of products should I order?
Begin with a quantity of 6, keep track of your progress, and reorder as needed. You can schedule a consultation and upload photos for review before reordering. There is no standard recommended quantity, as individual needs vary.

**Can I use these products if I'm breastfeeding, pregnant, or have an intact hymen?
The herbs in our products may circulate in your body, including breast milk, so consider pre-pumping if breastfeeding. These products can break the hymen. If you are pregnant, you should not use these products, but we offer other supportive products on our website.

**Can using these products affect my pH balance?
Over time, these products may make your body sensitive to commercially available products and bodily fluids. Using the Yeast-supportive product can assist with yeast infections. We also offer products for men on

**I think I have a yeast infection.
If this is your first time using our products and you're observing something that resembles a yeast infection, it might actually be the natural discharge associated with the cleansing process. Make sure to use ion pads, salve, and soap during this time to complete your supportive regimen. If you are indeed experiencing a yeast infection, you may use a yeast-supportive product.

I have an IUD, can I use these products?
Due to the potency of the herbs in our products, there's a slight chance that your IUD could dislodge during the supportive process. Prior to using the product, check for your IUD cord. Speak to your healthcare provider about any concerns regarding your IUD.

What are some experiences individuals may have during the supportive process?
Some individuals may experience mild cramping lasting no more than 15 minutes. We recommend our Organ Detox Tea, Yoni Steaming, or the use of a heating pad, all of which are available for purchase. Itchiness, outbreaks, and sensitivity are possible; we offer products on our website to address these issues.

Can I use these products during my menstrual cycle?
No, you cannot use these products during your menstrual cycle. Please wait for 3 days after your cycle or at least 10 days before it begins.

When can I engage in sexual activity again, and is it safe during the supportive process?
It is not advisable to engage in sexual intercourse during the supportive process. You may resume sexual activity after your supportive regimen is complete and there is no residual waste.

If I'm trying to conceive, when should I use these products?
For individuals planning to conceive, please use our TTC Yoni Pearls along with any products relevant to your fertility concerns (e.g., fibroids, fetal trauma, STDs). Begin your supportive regimen at least 3 months before family planning.

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