Kids colloidal soap with oatmeal and honey

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I have three grand babies and when Jr was born 12/14/18 I got busy for several days to deliver a baby collection.Years ago I make lil boy and girl soap filled with botanicals.My baby soap has no botanicals, only brown sugar, matcha 🍵 , fruit and oats colloidal silver and oatmeal. One version of soap (lighter tan bars) were from cooking our oats while the darker bars are roasted oats.These soaps are beautiful we have the frog and princess theme, keys to your ❤️ and lock pad, egg and paws palmers - great to rest in the palm of mom n pops hands to wash the baby, dinosaur 🦕, and large flowers.Check the soaps. The themes are the sets. $5No fragrance or medicinal herbs were added nor were these soaps made around any other ingredients outside of what’s listed.